The TallOrder IP has been bought!

On the 2nd of June 2014 TallOrder Solutions (Pty) Ltd announced that it is closing down. The company was started 4 years ago. A great deal of money, effort and emotion was invested in its vision.

Unfortunately TallOrder has used up all of its resources without getting enough traction to secure further investment. This happens to 90% of technology startups.

The TallOrder vision was a bold one to change the way service in restaurants is delivered. We believe the TallOrder vision is accurate but it depended on close integration to existing restaurant POS systems and this was a tough hurdle to cross with robust reliability. A lot of moving parts and complex customer needs.

TallOrder developed a sophisticated and scalable solution which can be pivoted to address a broader market of small to medium sized businesses, including restaurants. The TallOrder Intellectual Property have been acquired by in a transaction effective 31 August 2014. The acquiring company has retained a core team of TallOrder developers since TallOrder Solutions’ closure, in order to evaluate the feasibility of the pivot envisaged.

The iVeri and NedBank PocketPOS technology has been taken over by iVeri along with a few of the original developers from the TallOrder team. In future the TallOrder solution will integrate with PocketPOS as well as a number of other popular payment systems, as may be required by the target market.

The new version of TallOrder is currently under development and should be ready for field testing in the near future. At that time this website will be replaced with the new site. Stay tuned for some very interesting news!