TallOrder Solutions has closed down

On the 2nd of June 2014 TallOrder Solutions (Pty) Ltd announced that it is closing down. The company was started 4 years ago. A great deal of money, effort and emotion was invested in its vision.

Unfortunately TallOrder has used up all of its resources without getting enough traction to secure further investment. This happens to 90% of technology startups.

The TallOrder vision was a bold one to change the way service in restaurants is delivered. We believe the TallOrder vision is accurate but it depended on close integration to existing restaurant POS systems and this was a tough hurdle to cross with robust reliability. A lot of moving parts and complex customer needs.

In addition, Microsoft Corporation recently released a version of Window Mobile OS that when used on the right CPU devices will allow legacy Windows apps to run on tablets. That has allowed all of our potential POS partners to release their own POS solutions on tablet, thus enabling mobile waiter service broadly.

Thanks to all who helped and supported us along the way, especially our early experience customers and of course our very hardworking team, who put in way more than anyone could have expected.

We will continue to serve the NedBank PocketPOS customers until our technology partner iVeri is ready to take it over. We will also continue supporting existing restaurant customers until further notice

The company will review its software assets and intellectual property base in order to find the best use for it going forward.